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    QKZ X3 High 3D Bass high-end in-ear headphones

    QKZ X3 High 3D Bass high-end in-ear headphones

    • 3D Surround Bass Sound
    • 1.2 m cable length
    • 9 mm driver
    • on-board controls


    The product offered here is excellently crafted, 100% brand new and high quality and comfortable to wear In-Ear Headphones with an improved high end sound quality and clear bass.This headphones impresses as well as its stylish design has a strong stereo sound, deep bass and clear treble response. That makes it the perfect companion for extending sporting activities, they are a great solution for work when you’re out and about and carrying on business travel. Through the built-in microphone it can also can also be used as a hands-free function (or can be used as a small gaming headset for when you’re on the move. This sturdy and durable cable made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) has a control unit with multi-function button and a built-in microphone and is thus a further feature of this quality. This Model Is Maximum Compatible and can be used with most devices that have 3.5 mm jack. The soft silicone ear plugs fit comfortably in both your ears and ensure for a comfortable fit. At the same time, the device is in spite of its finish with metal very light and will not interfere even when carrying it.
    QKZ X3 High 3D Specifications
    Model NumberX3
    Driver9 mm
    Dimension12 x 7 x 2 cm
    Weight20 g
    Connector typeWired
    Other Features3D Surround Bass Sound ; 1.2 m cable length ; On-board controls
    Available Date19 September 2020


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