DJI Tello Drone provides highly efficient flying and camera systems that will help you to capture high resolution images with the touch of your fingers. This drone is best for professional use as you will be able to capture amazing quality imagery from any corner of the location. The EZ shots feature of this drone model allows you to shoot quick videos and also perform flying stunts while capturing stunning imagery. The built-in high quality 5 MP camera provides high resolution images on the go. The Intel processor of this drone model with professional processing option confirms high-quality footage. The drone is controlled by the smartphone app. This drone comes with the auto take off and landing option. You can easily lift off or land the drone with a single tap. It also has the failsafe feature that will land the drone safely even if the connection is lost. The downward facing camera of this drone model ensures precise hovering. It is also known as the vision positioning system that helps with the overall navigation. 
DJI Tello Drone Specifications
ModelDJI Tello
Camera5 MP
Flight Time13 min
Flight Height50 m
Battery1100 mAh
Other FeaturesIntel Processor for processing high quality image ; 8D flips
Available Date27 February 2018