Laptops are now a days becoming more popular than desktops as they are portable and offer best hardware and software configuration at reasonable price.

However, laptops are complex and far less customizable compared to desktops. If a desktop user is unhappy with any of hardware configuration such as keyboard, mouse, or display he can replace it very easily whereas laptop user doesn’t have such options. They can’t modify their laptop to much extent.

Therefore, it becomes atmost important to choose the right laptop that suits your needs. This means choosing a right laptop is difficult, yet important decision.

Here in this article, commmon mistakes most buyer makes while buying laptop is discussed.

Following are the common mistakes most buyers make :

1. Cheaper are not always better

Most laptop buyers are specifically concerned about the budget. Choosing a budget laptop out of available options is obviously a wise move however, choosing a cheapest laptop will certainly provide less features and low-quality assurance.

For instance, if you have to choose between core i5 system and core i7 system, then clearly core i5 system will be cheaper than core i7 system. So, if you opt for i5 to save a bit you will certainly miss out some specific performance power when compared with a core i7 system.

So instead of focusing on lowest price, you should first decide the purpose of buying a laptop. Before you look for laptop, do make a list of features which are must for your laptop.

2. Carelessly spending too much

Some buyers spent too much for the features they might not even use. For instance you need a laptop for office work only and for that you bought core i7 system which is a too much high configuration. Normally, for that purpose you only need a core i3 system which is suitable for multitasking, browsing or any other casual work.

Do a small research as per your needs on system configuration and pay for the things you need.

Apple laptops

3. Today’s need Tomorrow’s debris

If you are preferring to buy a laptop as per present requirements, then it will probably last for only few years. As your usage will increase, you will demand more power from your laptop. And, ultimately you will have to buy a new laptop or adjust with, until you are in position to buy one.

Suppose if you are buying a base model which offers 4 GB RAM and 512 GB storage with integrated graphics at cheapest offer, then for long run you will surely need more memory and storage and upgrade other necessary configuration as your needs increase.

So, choose wisely for long run.

4. Overlook Ports and Compatibility

Most buyers forget to pay attention towards the ports available in laptop. Ports are also one of the necessary hardware that you will require and its demand will increase with time. Try to figure out which ports are necessary.

For example, how many USB ports you need? Do you need audio port? Do you need card reader? Which version of USB (2.0, 3.0, 3.1) you require?

If a laptop lacks any of the required port, then you will have to opt for external adapters.

laptop ports

5. Choosing wrong Display

Most of us get fascinated by very high resolution displays. But, do you need one? Try to figure out whether the display you are choosing is really necessary.

For instance if you are choosing a laptop for casual work like office work, browsing, entertainment or other works then it is recommended to go for 1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 resolution displays. If you are a professional content creator or gamer than 2k or 4k display are good to go.

Now, if we talk about the screen size then the ideal choice is 15-inch screen. You can also go for larger size but it depends on your usage. So, choose wisely while selecting display.

laptop display

6. Getting obsessed with single specification

When buying a laptop, one should avoid being a victim of tunnel vision. Most of us concentrate on a single key feature of a laptop and neglecting other important factors.

For instance, avoid buying a laptop focusing only on storage or processor or graphics or other harware. You need to take all the necessary hardwares into consideration. Because a good combination of harware will give you long term performance.

7. Not reading Reviews

Reviews are the experiences people share when they use laptop for a certain period. Reading reviews gives you a lot of idea on performance and durability of laptop. Reading reviews is necessary because, it’s a place from where you get the actual answers of various questions like- How the laptop is performing? What is the actual battery life? and many more..
So, if you are really concerned about buying a laptop then read atleast 20 reviews.


8. Brand Lover

Most of us have handful of brands that we trust and regularly purchase from. That can be rewarding, but it’s risky sometimes. After all, if your favorite brand laptop brings out a faulty device then choosing blindly may lead to you buying it when you should really consider alternatives.

To ensure you do not fall into this trap, make sure to look what other brands are doing. There might be a bad experience you had once in past with one, but things have changed drastically and you might get surprised by what is on offer.


Buying a laptop with lots of available options is a complex process. As you can see, the above mentioned mistakes are almost common. So shop and try to avoid these mistakes. By doing so, you will be able to find a laptop that will suit your needs and fulfill your requirements perfectly.

Ultimately, you are going to enjoy your work, entertainment or whatever you plan to do with your laptop.

Let us know how your shopping goes in the comment section below.

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